World Craft HD

It was a bitter cold night in the Overworld. The moon was almost full but that didn’t matter much as the stars were enough to light up the Night. You can call me Claus or Captin Claus, depending on who you are talking to but for me game development is more than just making games; it’s about Storytelling and immersion. So when I hear the words storytelling and immersion I immediately think of Minecraft! But more specifically: Crafting in Minecraft ! In my opinion, Crafting is one of the best parts of playing minecraft and probably one of its most underrated features. Being able to craft anything from weapons to food has so many benefits, not the least of which being that you get to create everything yourself! Builders have been creating incredible structures for thousands of years with nothing but sticks and dirt, which is why we know that it’s possible to make something new with just a bit of time, effort and inspiration. But what if you could experience that feeling again? What if you could go back in time and craft everything yourself? Well now you can! What Is Craft Hd? This simple app will let players experience crafting like never before in their own homes without leaving the comfort of their own turf. It's called Craft HD because this is how it feels when you take your very own home into your own hands and make everything yourself. On top of that we've done our best to make this app as immersive as possible by integrating rich.

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