If you consider yourself an expert at Wordle-style games, it's time to step things up with Absurdle, a different kind of word-guessing game available today.

    Absurdle's functionality is very different from Wordle's overall functionality in that it lets you make an unlimited number of guesses. So, if you're unsure of how to make educated guesses in the game, our helpful tutorial has you covered.

    What is Absurdle?

    Absurdle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle but with a more random feel. You are allowed an infinite number of guesses and the game can continue indefinitely without ending until you find the right word.

    How does Absurdle function?

    It's quite improbable that a player will have a perfect first guess.

    It leads you to believe that you are choosing the correct word, but with each guess, Absurdle's internal list of words gets less and smaller, making the game last longer until you choose the correct word.

    This procedure is repeated until you checkmate the opponent and are left with just the few letters needed to complete the challenge.

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