Type Run

    Are you ready for a challenge? This game will test your typing speed, accuracy and endurance. You’ll be exposed to different words from all around the world. How fast can you type? Ready to play now!

    Kid Type Run is a 3D endless running game. Get ready to test your skills in this challenging and fun typing game! You will control the Kid type character, whose goal is to avoid the monsters trying to destroy him. Test your typing speed and reflexes as you type words that appear on the screen as fast as you can see them! If you fail, you will get hit by a monster and lose one of your lives. The more monsters you avoid while they’re visible, the higher your score will be at the end of the game. With each level, the difficulty increases. You must type faster, but there are also more monsters chasing after you! 

    Kid Type is a game that trains your child’s brain by having them type words as fast as they can. Sometimes it’s harder than other times because there are kids letters hidden in the boxes. Your kid must find and type the correct word to get to the next level. It’s a very addictive game and you will have lots of fun playing with your kid. Let’s see if you can beat this Kid Type Run.

    Are you ready for another challenging word game? Look no further, because Word Type Run is here to test your vocabulary! Let’s see how fast and accurately you can type words. This educational and fun game will keep you on your toes. The faster you type the more points you get. But be careful — if you make a mistake or take too long, the monster will catch up with you! How many levels can you beat? Good luck!

    Let’s type and run! In this exciting 3D game you have to type fast to keep up with the running letters. If a word is spelled right you can continue your run, but if you miss a letter or spell it wrong, you will have to collect that letter again while avoiding the creepy crawling.

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