That's not my neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor the spine-chilling creation of solo developer Nacho Sama, thrusts players into a world teeming with doppelgangers—entities that mimic humans with eerie precision.

About That's not my neighbor

In the dimly lit corridors of a 1955 apartment building, a sinister presence lurks. That's Not My Neighbor the spine-chilling creation of solo developer Nacho Sama, thrusts players into a world teeming with doppelgangers—entities that mimic humans with eerie precision. As a vigilant doorman, players must navigate a labyrinth of deception, employing wit and intuition to distinguish friend from foe. Let's delve into the rules and gameplay mechanics that define this harrowing journey into the unknown.


Verification Protocol

As the doorman, your primary objective is to verify the identities of tenants entering the apartment building. Utilize various methods such as checking IDs, confirming apartment numbers, and making phone calls to ensure the authenticity of residents. Exercise caution, as doppelgangers masquerade as ordinary humans, waiting for an opportunity to slip past your scrutiny.


Every interaction presents a crucial decision. Trust your instincts and assess the behavior of each individual carefully. Incorrectly identifying a doppelganger can have dire consequences, endangering the safety of the building's inhabitants.


The consequences of your actions reverberate throughout the game. A single misstep can unravel the fragile fabric of reality, plunging the building into chaos. Navigate moral dilemmas as you grapple with the weight of your decisions, knowing that lives hang in the balance.


Atmospheric Immersion

That's Not My Neighbor envelops players in a palpable atmosphere of dread and suspense, heightened by its meticulously crafted environments and haunting soundtrack. Navigate dimly lit hallways and shadowy corners, where every creak and whisper serves as a prelude to terror.

Verification Mechanics

Employ a variety of verification methods to discern doppelgangers from genuine residents. Interact with tenants, scrutinize their behavior, and use deductive reasoning to uncover the truth. Quick thinking and attention to detail are essential, as doppelgangers employ cunning tactics to evade detection.

Dynamic Encounters

Encounter an array of characters, each shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Engage in dialogue and observe their reactions to glean valuable insights. Adapt to evolving scenarios as the stakes escalate, with each encounter testing your resolve and resourcefulness.

Version Enhancements

A challenging new game mode that pushes players to their limits, introducing heightened tension and relentless adversaries.

Enjoy a more balanced and dynamic arcade experience, with adjustments to gameplay mechanics and pacing.

Improved Accessibility

Customize your experience with options to adjust text speed and disable flashing lights, ensuring inclusivity for all players.

Bug Fixes and Refinements

Experience smoother gameplay with various bug fixes and optimizations, enhancing overall stability and performance.

How to play That's not my neighbor

Using the mouse, interact with the game's environment to verify identities and make critical decisions. Move through the building, engage with tenants, and navigate the treacherous world of doppelgangers in this suspense-filled adventure

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