Maze Escape 3D

    Do you think that kids can’t have fun with the simplest of games? Well, we don’t! That’s why we are here to show you how much fun they can have with a classic game like “Escape The Maze!”. It is an HTML5 game where kids will use their brain and logic to solve the puzzles and complete all the levels. Ready? Then let’s get into this amazing world of puzzle solving and codes.

    Escape the Maze is an interesting point and click game. You have to help a boy escape from the maze, by finding objects and solving puzzles. This is a challenging game, so think logically. If you like this escape game, you can check out other escape games such as Escape The Haunted Mansion, Escape From The Carnival and Mystery Manor – An Escape From Madness as you can!

    Maze Escape is a point and click escape game with 3d visuals and brain-straining puzzles. In this game, you will be presented with different mazes in the form of an cube house. Your task is to find the hidden key to get out of the maze and reach the exit door by solving all the puzzles. Find objects, solve puzzles, and get out fast! Good luck and have a good time!

    This is the third part of the Maze Escape game series. In this part, you will be trapped in a scary maze again and your mission is to find the exit. Be careful! There are lots of monsters and traps waiting for you. Are you ready? Let’s see how fast your brain works to escape from the maze. Good luck!


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