Fireman Rescue Maze

    Life is full of risks and dangers. So when your kid comes to you with pale white face and asks to play a game, you think it's some type of joke. But trust us, your kid isn't joking. It's just a game; a scary one. You see, this game promises to be dangerous and it involves firemen as the game characters. Well, not exactly firemen but their vehicles driven by them. We don't know what kind of trouble your kid is getting into at home but whatever it is, it has clearly affected his/her behavior in front of you right now. And that's why you must play this game with him/ her today! 

    Do you love solving mazes? Are you good at planning and strategizing your way out of tricky situations? Then this is the game for you! This is a new type of mazes game for adults! The goal is to help the Fireman rescue his little boy from a maze of locks. Sounds easy, right? But watch out, because there are many traps set along the way. Can you find all of them and get the little one to safety in time? Use your mouse and follow the in-game instructions to solve this challenging puzzle game. Good luck!

    Anyone can be a hero. It takes someone special to be a firefighter. These brave men risk their lives every day to save others. They know that the risks they take in service of their community are worth it because they know what it’s like to be in need of help themselves. When your home needs saving, you’ll always call on the heroes (and heroines)

    Help this firefighter rescue his fellow firefighters from the burning building by using the various devices to get them out. The more devices you find, the higher your score will be! Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with the objects in this game. Drag blocks left or right to place them somewhere

    Help the firemen to help each other in this new and awesome evergreen escape game for kids. It’s time for the Fireman Rescue Maze. The whole town has been covered with thick clouds and it looks like there is going to be a storm soon.

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