Dark World

    When the world of video games ended with the 2016 Holiday Update, players were left wondering where their favorite action, strategy and real-time combat games had gone. Enter — a new breed of browser game that brings players back into the fold by enabling them to experience action and combat like never before. We’re not sure if you played last year, but it’s one of the most addicting games we’ve ever played. is an online multiplayer shooting and action game where up to four players take on the role of different gunslingers who fight each other using virtual bows against an untamed landscape populated by ruthless creatures bent on world domination. The rules are simple: shoot everything that moves in this postapocalyptic world and don’t get hit by anything — or else! The more arrows you can fire in a single second, the more points you score for your team. In order to win, you have to be able to see all your enemies coming from afar before they get there, so aim carefully and master your aim to become the bowmaster everyone is talking about again this holiday

    “I’ll help you. That’s all that matters!” I heard a familiar voice say. But I was too far away to see who it belonged to. My whole world was like that at the time, filled with sounds and people. Lights and shadows. This game gave me everything I could ever want. A beautiful story, challenging yet fair gameplay, friends you can count on no matter what… And maybe, just maybe, something

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