Content Warning

Content Warning is an exhilarating cooperative horror game that puts you and your friends in the shoes of aspiring viral content creators. Dive into the depths of the Old World, armed with nothing but a handheld video camera and your wits, as you film spine-chilling encounters to amass fame and fortune on SpookTube.

About Content Warning

Before plunging into the eerie depths of Content Warning, gather your companions and tailor your avatars with the ASCII face customizer. This step not only personalizes your characters but also serves as a crucial preparation for the challenges looming ahead. Assemble your team wisely, for success hinges on effective coordination and synergy among your friends.

Descend Into Darkness

Brace yourselves as you embark on a journey into the enigmatic depths of the Old World. Within its shadowy confines lie an array of physics-animated monstrosities and cursed artifacts, eagerly awaiting your arrival. Your primary objective? To document the spectral phenomena that haunt these forsaken corridors while confronting the horrors that lurk within. Keep a keen eye and a steady hand, for danger lurks around every corner, threatening to snuff out your very existence.

Film, Survive, Repeat

In the heart-pounding realm of Content Warning, time is of the essence. Armed with nothing but your wits and a trusty camera, you must race against the clock to capture the most spine-chilling encounters imaginable. Each successful recording propels you closer to the upper echelons of SpookTube stardom, but beware - the perils of the Old World are relentless. Manage your resources judiciously, lest you fall victim to the abyssal depths or the relentless pursuit of the unknown.

Upload And Watch

Having braved the terrors of the Old World, it's time to reap the rewards of your harrowing expedition. Upload your meticulously captured footage to SpookTube and watch as the world marvels at your bravery (or folly). As views skyrocket and ad revenue pours in, seize the opportunity to enhance your arsenal and bolster your chances of survival in subsequent ventures. But remember, fame comes at a price, and the horrors you've encountered may pale in comparison to those that await in the shadows of tomorrow. Prepare yourselves, for the saga of Content Warning has only just begun.

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