Clickyland throws a unique twist on the tower defense village builder genre.

About Clickyland

How to Play Clickyland

Clickyland throws a unique twist on the tower defense village builder genre. Here's how you'll conquer enemies and survive in this click-powered world:

  • Clicks are King: Every action in Clickyland revolves around clicks. You'll click to harvest resources, attack enemies, and manage your village. But be mindful – you only get 20 clicks each day! Plan your actions strategically to optimize your efficiency.

  • Building for Success: Don't just rely on manual clicks. Construct structures to maximize your click potential. A Quarry, for example, automatically mines 3 stone per click, freeing up valuable clicks for other tasks. Click factories further boost your click production, giving you more resources to work with.

  • Shop Upgrades: Each run earns you coins that can be spent in the shop. Invest in powerful towers to defend against stronger enemies. Upgrades like "Rapid Click" can also give you an edge, allowing you to squeeze more actions out of your daily click allotment.

  • Survival of the Clickiest: Clickyland throws increasingly challenging enemies your way. From fluffy rabbits to ferocious bears and even demonic shamans, you'll need to adapt your strategy and utilize your resources wisely to overcome them. With each passing day, the pressure mounts as you strive to reach the coveted 100th day!

Tips and Tricks for Clickyland Mastery

Here are some pointers to help you thrive in Clickyland's click-driven world:

  • Prioritize Resource Gathering: Early on, focus your clicks on gathering essential resources like wood and stone. These materials are crucial for building structures and defenses.
  • Plan Your Clicks: Don't waste clicks on unnecessary actions. Calculate the most efficient way to complete tasks and avoid impulsive clicking.
  • Prioritize Tower Placement: Strategically position your towers to maximize their effectiveness. Choke points and areas with high enemy traffic are prime locations.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Don't spread yourself thin. Focus on upgrading structures and towers that provide the most benefit for your current situation.
  • Explore the Fog: Use clicks to clear the fog and reveal more of the map. This helps you plan your defenses better and avoid surprises.

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