Cinderella Match 3D

Hey Girls, Cinderella is a magical story of love and friendship. The girl who had nothing but also the same girl who now has everything. In this new game...

About Cinderella Match 3D

Have you ever dreamed about being a princess? And how much do you like to be Cinderella? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right place! In this brand new match 3 video game, developed by Match3 Frenzy, you can step into the shoes of the beautiful Cinderella and help her find her perfect prince. This will be no easy task though; first she must leave that wretched tower and go on a journey to meet all the eligible bachelors on her kingdom. Sounds exciting? Then let’s get started and see if you have what it takes to help our little princess in distress. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Challenge your memory and your reflexes in this new Match-3 game. Discover Cinderella, help her find the perfect shoes for the ball and get ready for a magical ending! Find at least three identical objects in a row or column to remove them from the grid. The more objects you uncover in one move, the higher your score will be, so think carefully about where you need to place each tile! Match red shoes with red or purple ones with purple. Every correct combination of matching colors will give you extra points. If you love playingWhat is the best match 3 game ?Then get ready to spend some thrilling moments playing Cinderella Match with your friend.

In this new arcade game, Cinderella is the protagonist and you have to help her find her lost shoes. You will be given with a grid of jumbled up shoes. Your task is to find the pairs and discard the rest. Sounds simple? Give it a try! Discover what other challenges await you in this amazing game! Filled with magic, happiness, and of course, plenty of hidden secrets! You’ll need to think fast and act faster to get past all the obstacles in your way! In this classic puzzle game, you need to combine two matching pieces together so that they disappear from the board. Sounds easy but it won’t be as easy as you think. Good luck to you!


How to play Cinderella Match 3D

Using Mouse

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