Be The Judge

Get ready for the most challenging,mind-blowing and interesting puzzle escape game to play! The Jail Escape is here! The inmates have broken out of the...

About Be The Judge

Are you a clever criminal? Do you have the guts to be a crime boss? Play this amazing hidden object game and try to prove your smartness. Become the Crime Boss in this awesome Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and show the police what they are missing. This is one of the most interesting and addictive hidden object games that you will play in a long time! Are you ready to be a crime boss? Then take control of an underworld kingpin and lock up your opponents with cunning traps, disguises, and more! Crime doesn’t have to be boring! So get ready to explore the city streets, sewers, warehouses, mansions, nightclubs, shops, offices, hotel rooms, restaurants… in search for hidden out-of-sight objects lairs. If you think this whole thing might be too easy for you but still want to give it a go then you can set up your own hideout as well! Just being a crime boss isn't easy either. You'll need great planning and sharp mind in order to pull off everything right; so don't get yourself too excited at first sight. That way everyone else can catch on sooner or later. And when people realize what's going on then it becomes more than just a problem for you.

This is the jailbreak police escape game. The city jail is filled with criminals. They made it difficult for the police to catch all of them. Now we have to find a way to get them out of this prison, without getting caught by the security cameras and policemen. We need your help to solve puzzles and find hidden clues to help us break them out of here before they can be arrested again. The clues are in this room. You will have to explore every corner, read every document, look at everything and figure everything out using logic, objects and clues that are available in the room before we can get them all out of here, again! This is a great fun adventure game for kids as well as adults who want something other than playing games on their smartphones or tablets all the time. This game is quite challenging so you will have to think logically about each clue and answer before you can move on towards solving more puzzles or finding more clues and documents that are hiding in different parts of this house as well as outside. Are you ready? Let’s begin with this game!

The Story: It is the year 2036. The world has changed and people have changed as well. Crime has increased exponentially over the last few decades and now we have police stations in almost every city. People are more connected than ever before and this makes it easy for criminals to plan attacks, lairs, hideouts and safe houses. Everyone is afraid of getting caught these days and that is why there are more prisons built than ever before in the world too. Most of these prisons have become so advanced that they don’t even look like prisons anymore. What if you get arrested while something important is locked inside your house? Will you be able to break out all by yourself or will you need some help from someone who knows how to handle locks?

Crime has struck the town! A notorious criminal from another state has been arrested, and he's being kept in jail. The jail is now under siege by his followers, who are trying to break him out of prison. The police have asked for your help in solving this puzzle to save the city. To do that, you'll need to get access to the cell and figure out how to solve it before the criminals do. can you be trusted? You might be one of them! Find all clues and hints before time runs out or else you're going back to police. Good luck!

How to play Be The Judge

Using Mouse

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