Xmas Word Puzzles

There are many types of word puzzles, Scramble, Crosswords and Word Puzzles are some of them. They have common theme in many ways but at the same time...

About Xmas Word Puzzles

What does Christmas have to do with Scrabble? Everything. From the season's shopping lists to the board game that everyone plays, these words have something in common this time of year. They're all included in today's new Word Puzzle game: XMAS SCRAMBLE! Can you solve the puzzle and find all of these hidden gems? That depends on how observant you are. Are you able to spot anagrams? Do you know what a clue is? If so, then this game might be right up your alley! In this game, we've got 24 different letters and their corresponding Xs that make up a unique word, phrase or even anagram. Use all of your wordsmithing skills and see if you can unscramble them all before the clock runs out! 

Christmas is coming. Try to find the word that is scrambled on this Christmas themed word puzzles. Use your logic, spelling and vocabulary to unscramble the letters in each level of this challenging word puzzle game. Are you ready for this Christmas challenge? Scramble a Letter: Each letter has been scrambled on the grid. You have to move the tiles so that they will form as few words as possible. Once you finish typing in all the letters, click on “Check Answer” button and see if you have spelled it right or wrong. If answer is Correct then you will get 10 points and if answer is Incorrect then the letters will be shuffled automatically again and you can keep trying until you get it right! Good luck!


How to play Xmas Word Puzzles

Using Mouse

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