Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a word game for Android and iOS devices. The game is based on the original This amazing game cards by E-Family Games. You need to form as...

About Word Wipe

Word Wipe is a word game for Android and iOS devices. The game is based on the original This amazing game cards by E-Family Games. You need to form as many words as you can from the given letters. You can see the cards from the four sides: front, back, top, and bottom. Use the letters to form words. If you form a word that is valid, you will be able to remove one card. If you can’t get any word, you will lose. The game is played with 4 cards at a time. If you can’t think of any valid word, you will lose. Try to get as many points as

It’s time to wipe the board with a single word! This is This one, an online word game where your goal is to wipe each word off the board by strategically placing letters. Use the hidden letters to form common words and earn the best score! New letters are introduced frequently and are hidden in random places on the board. Don’t give up, words aren’t erased from the board until you use them all! Word Wipe is a challenging word game where you must think fast to complete each level. You have a limited number of moves and you must use every letter in your dictionary. Don’t be discouraged if you make a mistake or misspell a word, you can repeatedly wipe the board until you use all of your moves. There are 50 levels of This game to challenge you. Each level is a separate game and you must complete them in order to unlock the next level. You receive one letter wipe after you successfully complete each level, but you can earn more by collecting red gems that are hidden in the levels. The gems are worth one letter wipe each and are rare to find. You must have Logic and This amazing game to understand this

Have you ever played word games with your friends? If not, you should try it. It’s a fun way to spend some quality time with your friends. It could also be a good exercise for your brain. Playing word games also known as “puzzle games” is a great way to keep your brain active. It can also improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. It’s a fun way to spend some time. So, are you ready to play? Let’s check out some of the best word games for you.

Word games have been around for centuries, and the genre is still thriving today. From crosswords and scrabble to trivia games and word searches, this genre has something for everyone. In this blog post, you will learn how to play Word Wipe, a new word game that tests your vocabulary and challenges your logical thinking. We’ll discuss the rules of the game, explain how to play against the computer, and provide downloadable.

Have you ever played a word game and thought to yourself, there’s just no end to the puns and wordplay? Word games are great for honing your vocabulary and staying sharp. But what if you could play a word game and not just improve your vocabulary, but also hone your spelling, grammar and logic skills? 

How to play Word Wipe

Controls Drag left mouse button to link words.

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