Word Swipe

    Word Swipe is a simple, fun and addictive word puzzle game. The objective of the game is simple — connect all the letters in the word board by swiping.

    This amazing game is a HTML5 hidden word game where you have to find and connect words from the same category. It’s similar to other word find games, but with a new twist. The catch is that instead of revealing letters one at a time, the letters are hidden beneath other letters or images. This means that you have to swipe your cursor over different tiles in order to reveal the correct letter or combination of letters needed to complete the game has two modes: Normal Mode and Endless Mode. In Normal Mode, there are 40 words waiting for you to solve them. Once you finish all 40 levels, they will be unlocked again so that you can keep playing until you master them all! In Endless Mode, It will continue introducing new words as fast as you can solve them. How fast can you go? Give it your best shot and find.

    This game is a simple HTML5 online game that is challenging and requires fast reflexes. A group of words are displayed on the screen, with each new word appearing after the previous one disappears. The player must find and connect adjacent letters to form the new word before time runs out. If you like this game, you will also love the other free word games in our collection: Word Cross, Hangman, Typing Frenzy, Word Search, and Word Grid.

    This amazing game is a new HTML5 game where you need to find the hidden words from the jumbled mess of letters. This can be played in your browser or on mobile if you have the right app. It’s challenging, addicting, and perfect for all word nerds out there! Prove how well-versed in vocabulary you are and let your vocabulary skills shine bright. Give this a try if you like word games that challenge your brain or looking for something.

    Word Swipe is a challenging, addictive and mind-blowing word puzzle game. The rules are super simple: You will be given a set of words; your task is to find the hidden connection between them all of them begin with the same letter, end with the same letter, or even have the same word within them). Sounds easy? Let’s go.

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