Word Jungle

Word Jungle is a hidden object puzzle game where you have to find hidden objects around the world while solving puzzles. This game was created with the purpose of testing your vocabulary. You have to find the 12 words in each level before you can progress to the next level. It sounds easy right? Let’s see how it’s done! The game is divided in three worlds, or levels, and each one contains 12 levels.

Do you love word games? Do you love puzzles? Do you love words? If so, you’ll love this word game called ‘Jungle Word Connect’. In this word game, you have to connect the words in levels to finish the level and finish the game. In this word game, you will be playing as a monkey. The objective is to connect the letters to make a level fit in the game. Each level begins with a letter. You have to connect as many words as you can to finish the level. This game,game,html5, connect, word, puzzle,

This game is a challenging word game where your goal is to maneuver a path of tiles so they form a word or group of words. You can only place tiles that are already connected in the sequence. The more tiles you place and the longer the word, the more points you get. Connect as many tiles as you can to form a word or words and make your way through the This one

Fun Word Jungle is an HTML5 puzzle game where you need to connect words and make words of the same length together. The words are hidden and you need to find them. Collect letters to make long words, connect and combine to make longer words. It is a fun Word Puzzle game for all age group. 

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