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Word Search Countries has been inspired by the classic board game Word Search. In this popular word search game, players take turns finding words hidden...

About Word Search Countries

Word Search Countries has been inspired by the classic board game Word Search. In this popular word search game, players take turns finding words hidden in a grid using letters provided. At first glance though, these two games have several notable differences; however, they are both great ways to exercise your mind and keep it sharp. The new version of This amazing game adds some unique features that set it apart from its card-based predecessor. The most obvious difference is the addition of real world countries as hiding places for words. This change makes This one more engaging than ever and also helps make it more accessible to a wider range of people who might not be familiar with the game. 

This is a simple word search game with Countries. Help the little boy to find the hidden letters and words in each level by using their respective locations. Search for all the hidden letters and words in these levels, one by one! It will not be easy! To play this game, you must use your logical thinking and vocabulary skills. Look out for the hidden letters in different places of the level or word list. Each level has a minimum of two letters and a maximum of seven. Every correct letter will make you progress to another level, while an incorrect letter will lead you back to the previous level once again. To help you with that, there are special hints available on some levels. The hint cost is measured in twists per section and cannot be reduced below 1 twist per section.

This game is a simple and classic word search game. It tests your vocabulary and cognitive skills. The more words you use the higher your score would be. The app itself is free, but there are in-app advertising ads. If you want to play the game without any ads then you can purchase the ad free version of the app. This word search clues country capitals around the world with pictures only! There are no words on this game except for the country names typed on each clue card. To solve a clue card, players must find all of the matching capital cities from around the world that have been hidden in plain sight within a picture contained within that clue card. This game is great for anyone who enjoys brain teasers and geography.

Do you like word games? If yes, then you will love this! In this This one we will learn about the capital cities of all countries in the world. There are 196 countries in the world at the moment. Go ahead and see if you can find out all of the capital cities of these countries. First of all, let’s learn a bit about capitals and types of capitals. The capital city is the city that has its own government and is recognized as the local administrative center by other governments as well.

The Countries Word Search is a crossword type word search game. You will find all the countries in the world on this app. To play it, you need to know the capital cities of all the country names in the game to finish it. It’s a great way to test your knowledge on different countries from around the world! There are 30 levels (including bonus ones) in total on this game. The more difficult level gets harder as you progress through it and there are even bonus levels at the end of each chapter for those who manage to complete this game.

How to play Word Search Countries

Using Mouse

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