Wheel of Rewards

    The Wheel of Rewards is a hypercasual, educational and entertaining game offering an array of challenges. Players take on the role of a contestant in the toughest game show there is — The Wheel of Rewards! Players must use their knowledge, intuition and risk management skills to complete all challenges as fast as possible. There are many different ways to win: getting tokens from the Banker, collecting reward stars or completing other players’ tasks. The game has no END — once you finish all five levels, they repeat indefinitely with new names and images. It’s a great way to kill time if you have nothing else to do. There are more than 400 hidden rewards waiting for you to discover them.

    Have you ever wished there was a game that combined all of your favorite things? Well, wait no longer! The Wheel of Rewards game is exactly what you’ve been waiting for—and it’s free to download on Google Play right now! A hybrid of five of the most popular genres—trivia, word, puzzle, family, and educational games—this awesome new title supercharges them all with a sixth category: rewards. The Wheel of Rewards game combines trivia, word scrambles, crosswords, badges, mini-games and anything else we can think of to create this perfect package. But what makes the game so special is how those features are tied together with “rewards” as their unifying

    Everyone loves a good quiz. Whether it is general knowledge, visual puzzles or word games – they all have the potential to be great fun with friends and family. With the rise of mobile games, there has been a surge in trivia-style apps that you can play anywhere with friends. But which are the best? We’ve put together this list of great trivia games for Android so you can find the perfect one to spend time with this game.

    Do you have what it takes to be a Wheel of Fortune® champion? Challenge your friends and family to this fast-paced word game, where you’ll need to think on your feet. The Wheel of Rewards will challenge your knowledge of geography, pop culture, movies, books as well as general trivia. You’ll need lightning-fast fingers and a good memory to win this game.

    What do you get if you cross an old game show, a spelling bee, and a hidden object challenge? The WHEEL OF REWARDS! This hypercasual game is like no other because it combines all those things and more. You can spin the wheel to win various prizes like cash, virtual items, or new games. Play WHEEL OF REWARDS to test your knowledge while having play game.

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