Undine Match the Pic

In this game you have to match the fishes. There are different types of fishes in the sea and you have to find their differences as soon as possible. How...

About Undine Match the Pic

In Undine Match The Pic, you will play as Undine, a shy but gorgeous mermaid princess. One day she went for a walk on the beach and saw some fishermen about to throw something into the water. Seeing this, Undine felt very sad. The fish in the water looked desperate and depressed and they seemed to be throwing their only possessions into the sea. This made Undine feel very sad as well. She had always liked fishes and they have been her best friends when she was growing up. They used to play together all the time and she always looked after them.. so now that her friends seemed to be leaving her Undine couldn’t help but feel pretty devastated by what she had just seen. 

Witch-hunts in Europe have left a trail of broken souls and forsaken legends. Some say they were born from the desperate, final refuge of those who cannot be destroyed. Others speak of them as creatures from a land more myth than reality, where the old is not necessarily better and where ice and fire can walk together Dinosaurs still roam the Earth. And some say that one among them has retained their intelligence to this game.

In this game you have to find differences between pictures. You will find different pictures of Undine and you should find the differences between them. Some images are close to look for differences, but others are more difficult to detect. So start with easier images and go through the harder ones. Let's get started!


How to play Undine Match the Pic

Using Mouse

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