Traffic Control Time

    This game is based on traffic lights, but instead of cars, you control trains. Your goal is to get all green lights before time runs out. Sounds easy? Then try playing this game.

    You are driving a truck on a highway at the moment. The traffic is heavy. You see cars moving in front of you and behind you. You need to make sure that no other car comes close to you while you are changing lanes, or while you are passing other cars. If any car passes next to your lane, it means that you have stayed next to it for too long, and now no one can pass in your lane until the next green light appears. Traffic Control is an HTML5 game with puzzle elements where the player needs to control traffic lights on a highway at certain times so that vehicles don’t get stuck in traffic jams and other road troubles. If multiple vehicles come together because they all want to change lanes at exactly the same time, or if they all want to go through an intersection at exactly the same time, then it signifies that they must wait until the light changes color again before any of them can proceed. The player needs to make sure that no vehicle gets stuck in traffic so as not to cause more trouble when another vehicle wants to leave the jam safely. This game will test your patience and good decision-making skills as well as keep you challenged for hours because traffic control can be difficult.

    A traffic control game for kids and adults. Envision the road network and show it to your players before setting the game in motion. This is the basic concept of Traffic Control game design. The game proceeds by giving you clue about how many cars are constituting this traffic jam at this particular point on a certain road, or how many buses are stopping here to pick up passengers, or who has left their car there because they are going to a party. All these clues should be given with as little information as possible so that as people navigate around the jammed-up spots, they don’t stumble upon them too soon. Once you have all these clues in hand, it's time to set up your traffic control

    Traffic Control is an HTML5 based puzzle game. The rule of this game is to make paths for cars to pass through. Click on the road segments so that the blue car can safely reach its destination. You have 60 seconds to finish this game and score as many points as possible! The more cars you can help pass through in a single go, the higher your score will be! Moreover, the higher your score, the more difficult levels it will get! 

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