Text Twist

Are you good at typing? Then this game is for you! Test your typing accuracy and keep the letters from falling off the screen. The faster you type, the...

About Text Twist

Are you good at typing? Then this game is for you! Test your typing accuracy and keep the letters from falling off the screen. The faster you type, the more points you get. If a letter falls off, it will be replaced with a random letter from the remaining letters in that row. So stay focused! You have only 60 seconds to type as many words as you can. Use WASD keys to move your cursor across the letters of the word, one at a time. You must type each letter by tapping on it using your keypad or touchscreen device. To clear an entire column of letters, press spacebar or tap anywhere outside of the word field (the one with all yellow letters). This gives you some breathing room while keeping that pesky letter from falling off the screen! Once time runs out or there are no more letters left on the screen, a new phrase will be generated and another 60 seconds will begin. Great job! With every passing round, your typing skills become faster and more accurate. Good luck and have fun!

The world has gone crazy nowadays with the people’s obsession for texting and social media. No matter what age you might be, your friends will always have their phone on them so they can communicate. And texting is the fastest way to communicate with your friends while you are out and about. In order to keep up with your friends and not seem like a lagging behind individual, you need to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way so as to succeed in life. This game is here to help you do just that by giving you the chance to test your typing skills against 3 others at once in an online multiplayer game. As it says above, if you want to be successful in life then this game is for you! So read on and find out more about this typing game or as we call it; "Text

Word Puzzle is a word game. It has six different game modes. Each game mode allows you to play for different length of time. You can choose the level of challenge according to your skill level and play time. The levels are randomly generated, but you get hints if you are stuck on a particular level. Word puzzle games involve solving puzzles by connecting words in horizontal, vertical or other sequences to form phrases and sentences that make sense grammatically or in context. The rules for Word Puzzlers range widely: some focus on grammar and spelling; others are purely logic puzzles, requiring players to use their imagination; still others test vocabulary and spell-check software (though not players). 

You are the new editor of a newspaper. You have to help the reporter to bring out the best stories by typing the articles in a proper manner. Use your typing skills by making words fit together in different ways! Features: - 25 different layouts for you to test your typing skills - Different themes for you to choose from and challenge yourself with each layout as well as every theme after that! - Challenge yourself by completing all categories (Stories, Places, People) and get 3 stars on every level - Improve your typing skills by playing against a computer or another player online (local multiplayer) - Set the timer for a faster game play if you

Play this educational typing game and improve your typing skills! Do you want to become a typing pro in no time? If yes, then keep reading. In this game, you will have to type a certain word which appears on the screen and avoid the other words that appear on it. It has multiple levels that get progressively more challenging as the levels increase in difficulty. But don't worry, there is a solution for every level. Furthermore, with each passing level, the speed of the words gradually increases; so prepare yourself for some real finger-licking typing.

How to play Text Twist

Instructions You will begin with a group of circles, each marked with a letter. Click on a letter to place it into the box above, then click enter when you're ready to submit it. The word appears in the grid at the top of the screen. There's also a secret 'bingo word,' that earns you bonus points if you discover it.

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