Space Hidden Alphawords

Hidden Space is the fifth and final episode of the Hidden Arcade Word-Search series. If you enjoy these types of games, follow us to be notified when new ones are released. Let’s take a journey through space, searching for hidden words in this cosmic adventure! You’ll need to use all your observation skills to find the alphawords among the alien landscapes. Each correct answer will reveal another piece of the final puzzle. But beware—each wrong answer will cost you time and prolong your escape! This game is challenging and fun at the same time. Can you beat it? If you like this game, try other challenging word-search games from Lofgames such as Hidden Words The Castle or Hidden Objects at School.

Hidden Space is the latest hidden words arcade from LolGames. Where other sites have you searching for cat, dog or witch, we’ve put our own quirky twist on things with a space-themed game that has you searching for alien, planet, rocket and other such words among a grid of letters. It’s harder than it sounds! This is an HTML5 hidden words game where you must find all the words listed in the given word list. You may click on any letter on the board to reveal its potential as part of a word. When you find all the correct answers, another puzzle will unlock. But be careful: Each time you reveal a new letter as part of a word, that letter cannot be used again until the end of the

Hidden Space is the third installment in the Hidden Object Arcade series. In this game, you are an astronaut on a space station who must find hidden alphawords hidden among the chaos of floating objects. In each level, you are given a radar that detects the words that are whizzing by. Find the alphawords to move on to the next round! But be careful — there’s a time limit and if you find objects that aren’t alphawords, your score will go down instead! This game tests your speed, accuracy and ability to stay focused. 

Lo Fi Hidden Words is an arcade word search game with a sci-fi twist! You have to find all the hidden alphawords hidden in the grid. But there’s a catch; you can only see letters and not whole words. And that’s not all… The letters are broken into four different colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. Each of them appearing one at a time as you play! It’s like having four different games.

Hidden in Space is a fun and challenging word search game where you must find the hidden alphawords among the asteroids, planets, stars and other space objects. This fast-paced arcade word search game will have you looking up, down and all around to find all 25 alphawords before time runs out. 

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