Soul Hunter

    This is an adventure game. You will play as Ciel and explore the world of cats with your special power called “Soul Hunting”. The ultimate objective is to find the missing kittens and bring them home again. Explore surreal environments, unravel surprising secrets and solve mind-bending puzzles using your Soul Hunter abilities. Ciel must venture through forests, caves, castles and other places full of fantastical creatures and other strange things that only exist in our until now! The world has been overrun by monsters known as “Houyoku”. With each passing moment more of them are appearing all over the place. If you want to save your friends from this horrible fate then it's time for you to get into action! Explore locations all around the world to locate 13 magical cat statues hidden somewhere within its boundaries; this mysterious artifact can be used as a key to open doors guarded by these evil With every new level reached, you will grow stronger - both in terms of your power as well as your knowledge about how to use it effectively. After getting through a few levels, getting stuck won't even be something you'll think about anymore! Think with your brain instead of relying on luck - because it doesn’t exist here! Develop logic skills, logical thinking ability and problem solving abilities while playing this exciting puzzle game and become smarter than ever.

    A ghost is a restless spirit. They wander aimlessly and never find peace. Fortunately, there are those who can help them find their way again. Ghosts who fall in love with humans become human-hunting Hounds of the Spirit world. These Hounds are called Ghost Hunters and they are messiahs to the lost souls searching for redemption. Ghost Hunter is an arcade game where you control ghosts and go around hunting humans and helping them get redemption via love. The goal of this game is not to capture the humans, but rather to lead them to their true loves so that justice can be served and the ghostly souls can rest in peace.

    If you're in need of a little break from your usual game play and want to try something new, then you've come to the right place! Arcade games are quite popular these days. They help people unwind after a stressful day; relax after a long week and so on. These days, there are an array of arcade games that have become quite popular as well. 

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