Do you ever feel like there's more to life than just school? Do you ever feel like you're missing out on something important? Do you ever feel like you...

About Shiritori

Do you ever feel like there's more to life than just school? Do you ever feel like you're missing out on something important? Do you ever feel like you need to keep your head in the books? We all have those days where we wonder if there is more to life than just our boring school. Luckily, you don't need to go any further than your local arcade to find something to keep you going. HAPPY SKOOL ARCADE EDITION! When you're a student, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to spare for anything other than schoolwork. However, you don't need to give up on something that's important to you. With a little creativity and an arcade, you can find fun things to do that don't take up any of your time. 

In the near future, you are trapped in a virtual reality gaming world called “Shiritori“. You must find a way to escape this game before it is too late. You must learn how to play the games and use your skills to succeed. Using your keyboard, mouse, and headset microphone, you must type out commands to win the games and escape. In this game, there are various types of games. If you learn how to play the game, you will be able to win it and escape. To succeed in this game, you must learn how to play and use different game strategies. The game has a unique theme and atmosphere. You will feel as if you’re really trapped in this game world. You must use your typing skills to type out commands and win the

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How to play Shiritori

Using Mouse

there are many other games developed under Wordle Online, let's try them out