What is Sedecordle?

    Similar to Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, and Octordle, Sedecordle is a relatively new game. In this game, players must guess 16 words all at once rather than just one, two, four, or eight. However, you are given 21 chances to figure out how to spell every word.

    The game's rules are the same; there are no opening hints and the words may come from any branch of the American English language. The tiles will change color once you make a guess, and this will count as a guess for all sixteen words.

    Grey, yellow, or green are the colors it can shift to, indicating whether you properly identified the letter and whether it was positioned within the word.

    Sedecordle Advice and Techniques

    The following advice can help you keep up your Sedecordle streak.

    By clicking on the numbers at the top of the screen, you may quickly move between the sixteen different puzzle boards. Choosing the number 3 will direct you to the third puzzle board, for example.
    It's best to pronounce our vowels correctly. Most words have one or more vowels, which can be used to deduce the remaining letters in a word.
    After each attempt, count the number of yellow and green letters you have in each word on each of the sixteen puzzle boards. We can predict words more quickly because of this given that we only have 21 chances.

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