Scratch & Guess Celebrities

    Scratch Amp is an amazing, new game from Hyper Casual specialist Wax Studios that takes a familiar concept and turns it on its head. The game is all about guessing famous people with just a few clues, but there’s a catch: you have to do it as fast as possible. In Scratch Amp, you must guess who the celebrities are based on the things they like – their hobbies, interests, and even what kind of music they listen to. Each correct answer gives you points, but more importantly, each second you spend coming up with the answer means less points for you. Get three incorrect answers and your turn ends immediately. Read further to learn more about Scratch Amp and how to win free gold coins in this game.

    Scratch & Guess is a fun and interactive guessing game for both adults and kids. You can guess famous people, animals or things by listening to the sound of their voice and by looking at their picture. With this hyper casual game you can train your brain and keep your mind active at the same time. If you like word puzzles, trivia, puzzle games, or quiz apps then you are going to love this new game that combines all these features into one challenging experience. We have so many amazing features in store for you - even more than what we reveal here. 

    Scratch & Guess is a super fun, fast and friendly guessing game for the whole family! Are you ready to test your knowledge in this challenging quiz? Get ready for this exciting guessing game where you have to help an adorable cat named Scratch find his friends by solving tricky puzzles. In each level, you’ll be shown two images of famous people, places or things. Only one of them has a hidden clue that will point you in the right direction. You’ve got to think carefully about what these images might represent and choose the correct answer from three different options. Get started now and test your knowledge in Scratch & Guess!

    Scratch and Guess is a new guessing game from Hyperbolic software. It’s super challenging, addicting, and impossible to put down! This famous cat is back with some new friends in an awesome new game. Scratch and Guess Celebrities is an exciting guessing game that will test your knowledge of famous people and their attributes. There are also bonus rounds that include hilarious questions about the cat. The premise is simple; you are given 10 seconds to guess which of the two celebrities has a specific

    Scratch & Guess is the ultimate game of Trivia and Word Recognition. Family friendly and challenging for all ages! The goal is simple, find the word or phrase that matches the clue. But it’s not as easy as you may test your knowledge in this fast paced, interactive word recognition game and see how many points you can rack.

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