Scrape and Guess

    Scrape And Guess is a fun word search game where your objective is to uncover the hidden words located underneath messy scrapes. In each level, you are given a messy image with random blocks covering some of its letters. Your job is to uncover these letters and find as many words as possible by scraping off the mess and guessing from among the remaining letters. Each correct word will give you points and reveal part of another word underneath. You can also reveal parts of several other words at once, but be careful not to scrap them away along with the other ones! This challenging game tests your visual acuity skills, attention to detail, ability to identify connections between words and test your knowledge of English vocabulary. If you like word search puzzles or similar puzzle games, get ready for the ultimate challenge Scrape And Guess

    Scrape and Guess is a classic word search game with an intriguing twist. It’s fast, it’s fun, and the difficulty ramps up quickly! You have one minute to find as many words as you can, but things aren’t quite so simple. Each clue has another word hidden in it; you need to find that word and circle both of them at once. Each clue has a corresponding number as well, so make sure you mark which word goes with which number before moving on to the next clue! This fun addictive game will keep you entertained for hours! If you like this game please rate it and leave a comment so we can bring you more awesome games like this one.

    Scrape and Guess is a classic word-based puzzle game, also known as Scrabble hacking. In this fast-paced word search game, your objective is to uncover hidden words in a grid of letters. Each letter only appears once per word and the words must have at least three letters. Our Scrape And Guess Puzzles are great for entertainment on long road trips, flights, or any time you have a few minutes to kill. These printable brain teasers are perfect for teens and adults

    Scrape and Guess is a simple word search game where you scrape off the letters on the tiles to guess their hidden meanings. It is an easy game for children and adults of all ages. It is also a great way to keep your brain active and increase your vocabulary by challenging yourself in every round. This fun word search game will help you learn more about different words, interesting facts, new friends, and more! Challenge your friends with this fun board game

    Scrape and guess is a word search game that requires you to scrape the surface of an image with your mouse cursor, uncovering words hidden underneath. Scrape and guess games also challenge you to locate specific words to find as you scrape away. This is a word search puzzle game similar to other scraping word games like WovEND Word Search, Word Search Bundle, Scrapetober Word Search Challenge, Howdy Word Search, and Word Scraper. Are you ready to play this game.

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