Recharge Puzzle

    Do you like puzzles? Do you like logical games? If you do, then you will love this awesome new hyper casual logical HTML5 puzzle game with 2000+ levels! In Recharge Puzzle, your main goal is to figure out how to connect the electric circuits in order to recharge the battery and light up the light bulb. Sounds easy right? Sure, at first glance it seems so, but things get much more difficult with each level that you complete. You see, there are a lot of components that you need to place so they work together in order to finish the level. But don’t worry! You can always replay any level if you get stuck and can’t seem to find the solution. We have made sure that this logic game is as fun as possible for you through a series of awesome.

    Hyperrecharge is a new html5 logical puzzle game. In this hyper-energized puzzle game, you have to give the batteries a boost to get them through the right exit. Move around and rotate the tiles to figure out how they all connect and open up their path to freedom. A variety of levels are awaiting you: from simple and straightforward ones, to tricky ones that will put your logic skills to test! As you advance in the game, new mechanics are introduced one by one. If at any time you feel stuck on what to do next, just take a break or ask for help from friends. With a little bit of persistence, everything will fall into place sooner.

    Hypercask is a quick thinking, fast paced puzzle game that will challenge your logic skills and keep you coming back for more. The goal of the game is to find a path from start to finish based on the provided clues. Sounds simple right? Well not so fast! You only have 60 seconds to figure out each puzzle and if you make a wrong move you will have to start all over This game will push your logical thinking skills to the limit. Let’s see how many levels you can get through before time runs.

    In Recharge Puzzle, you will need to use your logical thinking skills to complete a series of challenging puzzles!This hyper-casual puzzle game offers a whole new take on the classic “3-in-a-row” formula. You can’t simply make rows of three; instead, you need to work with limited moves to fill the entire board with the same number. The catch? Each time you create a group of three in one location, that area becomes unavailable for future.

    Are you ready for a logic.

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