What is Quordle?

    The idea behind Quordle is similar to that of Wordle, but with a few modifications that make the game more difficult and engaging. The basic Wordle rules apply to Quordle, except you only have nine guesses and must guess four words at once. You can identify which letters are in the concealed words by their colors, and which ones are not. As a result, the game's virtual keyboard has four sections of keys, each of which might have a different color depending on the game's side. For Wordle aficionados who enjoy extremely challenging puzzles, this game is ideal.

    What distinguishes Wordle and Quordle from one another?

    The Quordle follows the standard Wordle rules, with the exception that you must solve four words at once and have nine attempts rather than six. The color suggestions on the keyboard keys are divided into 4 sections based on the game's side since there are 4 hidden words. This game has grown in popularity since it is both significantly more challenging and captivating than Wordle's original edition.

    How can daily Quordle mode be activated?

    In the game's options, you can enable the daily mode so that you and your friends can solve the same puzzles every day. Each day the word chain is altered.

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