Plangman, jump up through platforms and reach the end of each level. In Let’s Plang you will need to find hidden words that are probably related to...

About Plangman

Plangman, jump up through platforms and reach the end of each level. In Let’s Plang you will need to find hidden words that are probably related to Squirrels or Forest. If you love word games and jumping plaftorms then this is your perfect match! You can play it online with your friends or solo by yourself. How to play: Each level has a tree stump with several letters on it. At first glance they seem disconnected but if we put them together they will make words that also give us clues about what we need to do next in order to proceed in each new.

Plankton Chronicles is a 2D platform game with puzzle elements. The player controls a little yellow plankton named Harold, who gets separated from his friends in an aquarium. To get back together with them, he needs to collect their individual tokens and solve different puzzles. Plankton Chronicles is a challenging platform game which involves jumping over gaps, climbing ladders, switching lights to open doors and solving word puzzles by spelling out words on the given letters. There are many hidden passages that require keen observation and logic to find them. Keep reading if you want to know.

This game with Friends is a 2D co-op platformer game with puzzles and challenging jumping levels. The player will take on the role of a This one, a small yellow creature that speaks in broken English. The mission of the players is to guide these adventurers through an island filled with traps, pitfalls and puzzles. In order to do so, they must work together and solve problems as a team. Players can choose between two characters: Pascal or Arthur. Each one has his own unique abilities and skills, making them suitable for different challenges.

This one is a 2D platform word and jumping game with an awesome story and challenging puzzles. The challenge in Plangman comes from the interactions of the physics engine, level design, and protagonist controls. The player will have to think about every move they make to get through each level. Use ARROW KEYS to move LEIF. Press UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb ladders. Press Z or X KEYS to Jump or Slope downward when standing on inclined surfaces. Use Space Bar to Pause.

This one is a pixel-art based platformer game. It is about a young orangutan called This game who loves to jump on things. This game has 3 exciting chapters with 36 levels in each one of them, and they all have different type of gameplay. In order to finish the game, you need to think through your moves before jumping anywhere. Otherwise, you will fail miserably and lose! Good!

How to play Plangman

Controls WASD / arrow keys = move and jump Space = select letters and drop blocks R = reset a level L = skip a level you have previously beaten K = go back one level B = use a bomb you have collected (bombs can be used to destroy blocks or dropped letters) V = mute the music / SFX

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