Pirates Path of the Buccaneer

Long ago, there was a kingdom where the people were happy and prosperous. But one day, a terrible storm came with unprecedented force. The towns and villages were flooded and the king died of disease. All hope for the kingdom was lost and the villagers had to flee to islands far away. They couldn’t swim and they had no boats. So they turned to piracy. Their only hope for survival was secrecy and surprise – which is what pirates are all about! You can be a high-tech pirate or a shabby, old-fashioned sea dog; you can be smart enough to avoid capture by using stealth, speed or strength. Whatever path you choose, being a pirate will likely involve danger and hardship, but in the long run it will be worth

The Pirate’s Path of the Buccaneer is a action adventure, html5games and pirate game with RPG elements. You are a young Buccaneer who dreams of becoming an admiral. With your trusty crew, you row boats and plunder ships on the high seas. One day, you are contacted by a mysterious man who offers you to join his private army as a Buccaneer. Will you accept? The answer lies within these simple actions: pirate or buccaneer? Use your mouse to interact with the scene and pick up objects that can be used in battle. Click on “Use” or “Interact” to gain access to new parts of the map and other objects. You must decide

As the sun sets on a cool Caribbean night, a lone figure walks alone through the misty forest. It is a figure clad all in black, in a long cloak that flutters with every breeze. The man walks as calmly and as silent as he can, for his heart is filled with fear. And what if there are true pirates living out there somewhere? What if they’re after him…? Path of the Buccaneer is an adventure game set in the Caribbean. Your task is to find out whether or not you are a legitimate Buccaneer, and whether or not you should leave your peaceful life as a farmer to become one of the most notorious cutthroats in

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