Phrazle is a fresh, challenging, and addictive word game. It is accessible at all times and locations, and it may be played with loved ones or friends. Playing merely requires concentration and fast thinking; extraordinary talent is not required. Only one player can simultaneously recognize the correct words while everyone else sees the identical board covered in letters of different colors.

    An empty grid of letters in various colors is displayed on each participant's individual board. The active player speaks out loud the clue phrase (the one who currently has their turn).

    Phrazle is a 30-minute-long board game that can be played by 2 to 6 players. The participants are given the word and phrase cards, and they must match them by applying deductive reasoning. In order to solve the puzzle, participants must try to understand the statement while avoiding red herrings and keeping an eye out for other players who can lead them wrong.

    In the word game Phrazle, which combines charades, codenames, and scattergories, nobody can be trusted. Players take turns providing hints, trying to mislead the opposite team with their choice of words. Can you decipher the hints your teammate has left? Or will you let red herrings trick you in the future? Find out right now by playing this enjoyable new party game!

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