Photo Word Connect

    Word Connect is a word puzzle game developed by Letter Monsters. The objective of the game is to link words together to create valid sentences. It’s more of a brain teaser rather than an educational app but it surely has its own charm! Coming with more Word Connect puzzles will keep the game interesting for all ages of players. Word Connect uses your usual standard English language vocabulary (no advanced English words here!). This makes the app suitable for everyone, from beginner to professional word puzzlers. So, how do you play Word Connect? Just tap on any word in the grid to reveal that word’s definition and its synonyms. Tap on another word to connect them and make that second word appear in the list of clues. Match 3 or more letters on any given row or column to destroy them and fill up empty spaces until the grid is filled up completely with letter tiles. You can even remove letters if they don't connect well with other words in the grid! As you progress through levels, you’ll be introduced to more challenging Word Connect puzzles requiring strategic thinking and logical reasoning skills as well as visual perception.

    If you’ve got kids, you probably know about Disney’s popular Word Cubes. The word game is designed to help kids learn new vocabulary and spelling. In this blog post we are going to look at a similar game that is also intended for children but it can also be fun for adults too. It is called Photo Word Connect and it has the same aim as Word Cubes – to train your brain with logical thinking skills while having fun. The game has many levels and they start with easy ones. Later on, when you play more often, the challenge becomes higher. You will need to use your imagination, think carefully, play strategically and have patience in order to finish all the levels in each of the packs. The main advantage of this online word connect game is that it doesn’t just require logic or analytical thinking skills but it also requires creativity plus patience as well. That makes it a great mental exercise as well as a good way to train young minds from an early age in logical thinking.

    Word Connect is a new and popular word search game. The aim of this game is to connect the hidden words in each level by entering them into the crossword grid. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases as well as number of words required to fill in each level. The more you play this game, the more you can enjoy it! Word Search games are great for keeping your brain active and working memory. It also helps improve your ability to read and spell, as well as logical thinking skills. Have a good time!


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