Owlel is a charming and educational mobile game designed to engage players in a delightful adventure while sharpening their cognitive skills.

About Owlel

Explanation of the Game

Owlel is a charming and educational mobile game designed to engage players in a delightful adventure while sharpening their cognitive skills. In Owlel, players take on the role of a wise and friendly owl named Owlel, exploring a whimsical forest filled with puzzles and challenges. The primary goal of the game is to help Owlel restore light to the forest by solving puzzles, collecting knowledge, and making new forest friends.

Rewards or Achievements

  1. Forest Restoration: As you progress, the forest gradually transforms from a dark and gloomy place to a vibrant, colorful environment, showcasing your progress and contributing to Owlel's mission.

  2. Owlel's Wisdom: Earning knowledge points allows you to unlock new abilities and outfits for Owlel, making him even more charming and helpful as the game unfolds.

  3. Achievement Badges: Players can earn badges for completing specific tasks or overcoming challenging obstacles, which can be showcased to your in-game friends or shared on social media.

Challenges or Obstacles

  1. Darkness: The forest is shrouded in darkness, and players must solve puzzles and riddles to light up specific areas, revealing hidden secrets and challenges.

  2. Predicaments: Along the way, Owlel will encounter forest creatures in need of assistance, and players must use their problem-solving skills to help them overcome their predicaments.

  3. Time Challenges: Some puzzles and missions have time limits, adding an extra layer of difficulty and excitement.

Social or Community Benefits

  1. Leaderboards: Compete with friends and other players on global leaderboards to see who has accumulated the most knowledge points or completed missions the fastest.

  2. Cooperative Play: Collaborate with friends or players in your community to tackle particularly challenging puzzles or missions, promoting teamwork and social interaction.

  3. Educational Content: Owlel is not just a game but also an educational tool. It provides interesting facts and knowledge about the forest and its inhabitants, encouraging players to learn while having fun.

Owlel fosters a sense of wonder, curiosity, and camaraderie while challenging players' intellects in a magical forest setting. It's a game that not only entertains but also enriches the minds of players of all ages.


How to play Owlel

  1. Solve Puzzles: Progress through the game by solving a variety of puzzles that test your logic, memory, and problem-solving skills. The puzzles become progressively more challenging as you advance.

  2. Collect Knowledge: Explore the forest to collect scrolls, books, and artifacts containing ancient wisdom and facts about nature, history, and the forest's magical creatures. Knowledge points are earned for each discovery.

  3. Complete Missions: Owlel will have various missions to undertake, such as helping a squirrel find its acorns or teaching a baby bird to fly. Completing missions will earn you rewards and advance the storyline.

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