One Line Draw

    One Line is a drawing game with a simple objective: Draw the outlined shape as fast as you can. You'll have to think quickly and stay focused to get the highest score in this game. Let your creative juices flow in this relaxing, fun and kid-friendly game. Rediscover the joy of scribbling and simple doodling. 

    This amazing one line game will boost your concentration and focus. It's super easy to play, just draw the correct path for the animal with one line. You can challenge yourself in this awesome puzzle game by tracing different animals with only a single continuous line or trapdoor. This thrilling interactive fun game tests and trains your visual perception, attention to detail and logical thinking. Let’s begin this exciting adventure and have fun!

    One Line is a simple game testing your drawing skills! You will have a fun time with this game and your friends. It's really simple, you just need to draw one line from point A to point B and avoid the obstacles.t

    Hey guys, do you like to draw? And do you like animals? If so, this game is just perfect for you! In One Line Draw – Animal Edition you will have the opportunity to test your creativity and get acquainted with lots of different kinds of awesome animals. Sounds like fun? Then let’s get started!

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