After Wordle, a quiz game that is an absolute giant, Moviedle has become increasingly well-liked. It takes the fundamental ideas and gives them a distinctively filmic twist.

About Moviedle

Movie fans have always loved playing board games. Whether you’re a fan of classic Monopoly or modern-day Clue, there’s something for everyone. So, it makes perfect sense that movie fans would also love playing board games based on their favorite films.
These movies and their board games aren’t just fun—they can also offer some fantastic insight into the lives of real-life characters and the kinds of stories they like to tell. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the joys of playing a board game (or if you own several already) then check out these game adaptations from Moviedle.

For your initial guess, you'll only have one second of movie footage to work with. Yes, the entire movie flashed on the screen, starting to end. This is definitely intimidating, so don't be alarmed. Before you fail, you get six attempts; after that, things get a little slower for you.

How to play Moviedle

You'll only get one second of movie footage to use as the basis for your first guess. Yes, the entire film flashed from beginning to end on the screen. Don't worry, but this is really daunting. You get six chances before you fail; after that, things move a little more slowly for you.

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