Link the numbers

    Link The Numbers is a new hypercasual game that will test your logic and deductive reasoning skills. Players will alternate between solving arithmetic puzzles with numbers ranging from 1 to 9, and linking the numbers in ascending order as fast as possible. In each level you’ll need to finish within a specific time limit, using only five moves for every puzzle. If you fail, you’ll have to start all over again or replay the entire level again in order to pass it with a higher score next time around. You must use strategic thinking and planning ahead if you want to succeed in every single challenge this game has to.

    Everyone loves a good puzzle game. But they get boring if they are too hard or too easy. That’s why we created Link the Numbers: it’s challenging, but not frustrating, it’s easy to learn, but you can master it and improve your skills. Each level has its own unique twist that makes it different than any other number puzzle you’ve played before. Link the Numbers is an easy-to-learn and hard-to-master type of logic puzzle where the player links numbers sequentially from a given range in order from smallest to largest, or vice versa. The trick? You can only link numbers that are connected with unbroken straight lines in one direction and cannot double back on.

    The best and the most popular thinking games are those that test your response time, accuracy, and logic. The game is a great combination of all these elements in one place. It requires you to connect numbers in sequential order. Sounds simple right? Well, try it! You’ll find it extremely challenging. We bring you this addictive puzzle game with new challenges each time you complete the previous level. Each level has its own unique set of rules that will help you get through the maze faster and easier than.

    This amazing game is a new and challenging puzzle game where you have to link the numbers from 1 to 9 in a continuous sequence. Sounds easy? But it’s not! You have to think strategically, analyze your options and plan ahead. Only then will you be able to beat the levels. Are you ready for this challenge? Prove it in This amazing game.

    The classic brain-teaser with numbers is now available as a hyper casual game! You won’t feel any stress, only pleasant relaxation. This amazing game is the perfect game for those who love puzzles and logical games. In just a few minutes you will fall in love with this challenging puzzle game. 

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