Kids Hangman

    Are your kids obsessed with Animals right now? We know ours are! That’s why we made this awesome new Kids Hangman game with Animals as the theme! This interactive word search game is super-engaging and fun, while also being educational. Your kids will have so much fun testing their knowledge of different types of animals, whether it be mammals, birds, or reptiles. This free version has a limited number of words for each difficulty level. If your kid likes the game and wants to play more, please purchase the full version. This way you ensure that your kid won’t get tired of it too soon and can keep learning even more about various types of animals. 

    The kids hangman game is a fun and educational way to help children learn new words. Featuring animals as the subject, this game will excite your child while they hone their vocabulary skills. Your youngster will be able to pick the correct letters of a given word or phrase to help them figure out what it is. The kid’s hangman game can be played on almost any device - Smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s simple and easy to understand for anyone. If you have kids at home who need to sharpen their word recognition skills, this game is perfect for

    What is more fun than a classic game of Hangman? How about one that challenges kids to figure out the right word based on visual clues rather than spelling it out letter by letter! This Kids Hangman game features 25 animals as the subject of the puzzles. It’s so much fun, you won’t even realize how challenging it is! This educational app challenges kids to figure out the correct word from an assortment of letters, rather than spelling it out. 

    Kids Hangman is a fun game where you have to guess the hidden word. Each time you miss, the game shows you a part of the word. The word secretly consists of letters that are either animals or objects related to them. Your task is to find it out before running out of letters! If you like challenging hangman games, this one is for you! Let’s get started!

    Kids Hanger is a challenging hangman game for kids. It is completely free with no ads, no in-app purchases and no data collection. The game offers three different levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard). There are also two game modes: practice mode with statistics and end of game check or single-player mode without any assistance.

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