Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge

    Playing hexa 2048 puzzle game is quite easy, but its difficult to attain a high level of skill in it. This is because the game hides many small tricks that most players don’t know about. It will take them some time to master the game but once they do, they will be able to beat everyone else easily. The main objective of this hexa puzzle block game is to merge matching blocks until you reach the 2048th level. Then, your levels will increase automatically. The more levels you have, the higher your score will be as well as the better your final rank will be in the global ranking list at the end of every week. You can check how you are doing against other players by accessing their profile pages from within the game and tracking your performance over time. Getting familiar with all of the different strategies takes some practice and we wish you good time!

    This is a 2048 clone game for android, which is named as Hexa 2048. You can play this game with one player or with many players. The objective of the game is to merge two blocks of the same color to destroy them. The player who will finish merging all blocks of the board first will be the winner. This game also has different levels so that it doesn’t get boring after some time. This app was made to make you enjoy playing it until you reach level 2049 and beyond! To help you merge the blocks faster, there are several power-ups available for purchase with real money in the settings menu. These power-ups include a bomb, double block, magnet, etc. 

    Hexa 2048 is an addictive block puzzle game. The goal is to merge identical blocks so that they total up to 2048. There are some rules in this game that you must follow or else it wouldn’t be a fun experience. You cannot continue if you make any mistake, and the final board image would not appear either. Even if you lose, it will still be a good thing because it will train your mind on patterns, strategies, and patterns again. This game is perfect for killing time when you have nothing else to do. It is also recommended for baby users as it does not involve much strategy

    Are you a puzzle fan? Or do you know someone who is? If you said yes to either of those questions, then you will love this puzzle game. In this 2048 clone, the objective is to merge blocks of the same color together to create a new one and get to 2048 in total. Sounds easy right? Well it gets harder as you progress higher in the levels. Are you good at solving puzzles? Let us know by leaving a comment! And if you like our game, don’t forget to rate it!

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