Hangman Plus

Hangman is a classic word guessing game. You need to guess the correct word in order to continue. If you cannot, you will be hanged with letters which are given as clues one by.

The classic Hangman game comes to the world of apps and becomes “Hangman Plus”! If you like word games, you will love this new twist on an old classic. Get ready to test your wits and knowledge as you try to guess the hidden word from clues about its letters. This challenging guessing game has up to 10 difficulty levels, so that anyone can play and learn new words in numerous categories: animals, colors, clothing, fruits, jobs, places, sports, and more. Are you ready? .

Hangman Plus is a game where you guess the word hidden by the Hangman. You can challenge your friends or play against the device. Start playing and improve your vocabulary! >>> How to play? -> First, select one of the three difficulty levels - Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. Then, select a category (there are 20 categories in).

In this online version of hangman, you will be given a word and also 25 different clues to that word. You need to guess the correct word in as few tries as possible. There are no further rules or instructions to follow; just start playing.

In this fun hangman game, you have to guess the correct word to free the prisoner from jail. But be careful! If you don’t know the word you’ll be hanged. Are you up for this challenge? Let’s find out now and test your.

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