Gold Tower Defense

A tower defense game in which you have to protect your base by sending out towers to capture enemies, protect your own territory and grow stronger as you go. Make use of various towers such as the Archer, Swordman, Catapult, Bomb Tower and many more! Use strategy and careful planning to dominate the enemy team. The higher level you become the more powerful towers you can send out and the better chance you have of winning. Each game is played with a arrow key or spacebar to move your tower, start or pause the game, select map type (Vector vscookie) and sound features- - 3 difficulty levels for beginners, Casual and Expert - Support for 9 different Controller Options including joystick/a button/swipe left/right for each lane - adjustable music volume - configurable control sensitivity - user configurable names for characters, achievements and levels Game play - Arrow keys or spacebar Move your tower – left / right / up or down Select map – vector vscookie (cookie vs cookie) Sound options – enable Background music Start game paused – keeps playing when new game starts Upcoming maps – uploaded regularly by challengingcarcapstomp on leaderboards 4vs4 multiplayer gameplay with up to 12 players using a single computer at once AI based Tower defense with varying difficulty levels micromanageable turrets that can be constructed overnight Adjustable difficulty settings Adjustable controls User configurable names for characters Unlockable achievements Helping hands A cheeky cat statue Additional info made by

The Tower Defense genre is one that we have all played at some point in our lives. It’s simple and addictive, and the best part is, it never gets old! So when we heard about TowerDefenseAlive,a new spin on the tower defense genre with a mix of tower defense and real-time strategy gaming,we knew it would be fun for everyone. TDA will take you from the safety of your couch to the front lines of battle as you fight to protect your village from attacking monsters using everything from powerful dragons to cunning oozes. There are many different ways to play—from quick single-player sessions to competitive multiplayer modes. The Tower Defense Alife game features both single and multiplayer gameplay modes that can be played either locally or online. In addition, there are over 140 different monsters which means there are endless opportunities for

Build your tower to the top of the skyscraper and protect it from the oncoming waves of incoming enemy players. Can you make it to the top? In this tower defense game, you play as one of five characters who have been tasked with defending a secret base from invading player characters in The Tower. They can each take up to four towers with them on each play session, so prepare to build your strongest team to best meet the

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