We recently came across a new game called Foodle, which asks you to pick a word that has to do with food. Similar to Wordle, the game requires players to correctly identify a five-letter (American English) word in six or less guesses. You can even guess terms unrelated to food to help you uncover more letters in the solution.

    There are no initial hints provided, but once you make a guess, the color of the tiles will change, indicating whether the letters you predicted are included in the word or not.

    Unfortunately, this game's board resets whenever you reload the page or close the browser, so if you don't keep the game active, you can't compare the words you used to figure out the solution with friends and family after they've given their predictions.

    Additionally, there are no statistics for you to keep track of how many games you have won consecutively; but, once you have finished the day's Foodle, you can still post your accomplishments on social media.

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