Flag Word Puzz

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About Flag Word Puzz

Flag Puzz is a unique and addictive game for kids. The objective of the game is to find all the flag items in a grid by using the clues provided. There are certain clues that point towards an item. You find these flags hidden under those clues. In order to reveal that clue, you need to tap on it once. If you see more than just one flag under a clue, then you need to place that symbol on the grid as well so that other players will not be able to make use of it. This is how the gameplay goes: Once you start playing, your objective will be to find out all the flags in a square area marked with green lines. The first person who finds two flags in one cell wins and gets two points. Whoever finds four flags in one cell also wins and gets 4 points. But if no one finds any flags after three rounds, then the player who found three flags immediately before gets an extra point for each remaining flag as well as an extra turn for finding more flags from their own side only after finding three from their opponents’ side this time.

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How to play Flag Word Puzz

Using Mouse

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