Fill In the holes

    Fill In The Holes is a minimalist and relaxing hypercasual puzzle game, with a twist. Instead of playing on the same board as everyone else, you are given different boards every time. There are three difficulty modes: Easy (green), Medium (blue) and Hard (red). The more difficult the mode, the fewer hints you have and the more holes there are to fill in. And also, we don’t want to spoil it for you with too many details! ;) Instead of giving you instructions and tips from the beginning, we let you discover things by yourself by hiding them behind locked doors. Once you understand how the game works, unlocking the next door becomes second nature. Try to find all secrets and unlock all.

    This game is a logic-based puzzle game where you have to restore images by filling in the correct holes. Each level has a different set of rules, and you have to figure out how each grid is split up, and where each set of holes goes. Completing each level requires both logic and deduction skills. Get ready to put your brain to the test! Ready your thinking cap and get ready to test your puzzle solving skills in This game ! This fun little game will put your logical thinking and visual recognition skills to the test as you try to find the best solution for restoring broken images. Keep reading if you want to know more about this challenging.

    This amazing game is a new breed of puzzle game that takes the concept of hidden objects to a new level. Each level presents you with a fragmented picture and your task is simple: find all the pieces, put them together and discover what’s hidden in the picture! 《 Fill In The Holes 》is a casual puzzle game that tests your ability to find small details in large easy as it sounds, it’s not so simple! Let’s see if you have what it takes to complete all 150 levels and beat this challenging puzzle game. Download this free brain-teaser today and get your thinking cap.

    Fill in the Holes is a hyper casual puzzle game with a minimalist aesthetic. The game centers around its main mechanic, of filling in the holes in various wooden panels. Players must reveal fragments to complete the board and uncover what’s hidden underneath. There are over 100 puzzles for players to solve, each one more challenging than the last. Each level has 3 stars on offer: one for finishing quickly, one for not using hints, and one for collecting all of the fragments. Get ready to feel stimulated and challenged by this wonderful.

    This game is an ultra-fast hypercasual puzzle game. Escape from boredom, and train your brain! It’s simple, fast, and challenging. You need to find the correct spot on the board. There are many holes on the board. Some of them have something missing inside. Find that missing token or tile, put it in its place, and move on to the next challenge. You only have 3 seconds for each board. If you take longer than that to make a move, you fail the level and need to start from scratch.

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