Emoji Word Puzzle

    {"detail":"This feature needs at least 1 word credits but you only have 0. Please upgrade your plan or switch to a lower quality to keep.

    Emoji Word Puzzle is a game that is expected by many players. With extremely simple gameplay, players can play anywhere, anytime.
    Emoji Word Puzzle seems to be like a word catcher or a game show like a magic hat. 
    Looking at the picture with the given letters, the player will rearrange those letters into the empty box to form a meaningful word with the image that the game gives.
    With each correct guess the player will be added with coins and accumulate as many coins as possible we can use that coin to exchange for hints. Emoji Word Puzzle is a simple game that not only helps players who want to strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary, but players who do not know can play the game to learn more.

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