Drop n Merge Blocks

    Drop N Merge Blocks is a challenging puzzle game with a unique twist. You need to merge blocks of the same number to get them out of the board, but there’s a catch – you can’t simply drop blocks on top of each other! Instead, you must strategically place blocks to trigger chain reactions and clear multiple tiles at once. With 250 challenging levels and an intriguing new take on an old classic, Drop N Merge Blocks will test your problem-solving skills like no other game can. So what are you waiting for? Download this addicting game today and get that brain.

    Drop and Merge blocks is a fun and challenging concentration game with merge elements. The challenge comes from the fact that you have to combine numbers instead of combining objects. But even more challenging than that is the fact that the blocks are constantly falling from the top at you so you need to be super quick! In this game, you’ll need to drop blocks with similar numbers on them into a box below. You’ll also need to avoid dropping certain types of blocks or it will end your game. It’s an easy concept but also very difficult once the pace picks.

    Drop N Merge is a casual number puzzle game. Connect blocks with the same numbers to merge them and get the target number. Once you reach the target, you win! Sounds easy? Let’s see if you can beat all 100 levels. You will have to think strategically, be patient, and remain focused to beat this challenging block puzzle game. This might be just what you need to train your brain during summer vacation or on a lazy afternoon. Get ready to drop and merge these.

    With Drop N Merge, you’ll be addicted to this hypercasual maths game in no time! This fast-paced block puzzle challenges players to merge blocks with numbers of the same value. It’s a simple premise that becomes increasingly challenging as you progress through different levels. In this article, you will learn all about Drop N Merge and why you should download it.

    Drop N Merge Blocks is an addictive puzzle game. Try to merge blocks of the same number by dropping them from the top grid. When two or more blocks with the same number touch, they will merge into a bigger block and fall down. You win when there are no more moves.

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