DOP 2 Delete One Part

    Kids love word games because they combine the challenge of finding words with the thrill of competing against friends, siblings or parents. Dop 2 Delete is a challenging word game for kids that’s also simple enough for them to learn quickly and have fun easily. The rules are straightforward enough that you can probably figure out how to play in just a few minutes, but it’s challenging enough that you’ll want to keep playing again and again. To begin, each player takes five letter tiles and hides them in their hands. Then, the group leader reads aloud two letter words at once (for example, pizza and potato). Players take turns saying a third word that fits with both of these other two words (in this case, salad). If there isn’t an obvious answer, the player must say “Dop2Delete” instead. For example, if we were playing with “pizza” and “potato” as our clue words, someone would have to think of something like “pizzaiolo" as their answer; no one would say things like “tomato", or "peel" because those aren't valid

    In this word search game with a twist, you must find and highlight all the words that appear in both parts of the word. For example, if one part of the word is "fork", you would need to look for and highlight words such as "knife", "whistle", or "spoon" because they are all words that also appear in the other part of the word (DOP). There will be some words that can appear in either part of the word (such as "apple"). You don’t need to highlight those words because they can show up in either place. Another example would be if one part of the word is "animal". You wouldn’t need to highlight words such as "zoo", "pony", or "science" because they are not common synonyms for an

    Kids love puzzles, and they will love this DIY word search even more! Grab your old word search printable game, scissors and glue to make this super easy DIY word search. It’s a great way to pass time on road trips or as an evening activity. We have combined a classic word search with a fun puzzle. The result is something new and exciting for the kids. So get your crafty hat on and let’s get started!

    Do you love food and like solving puzzles? Then download this game and test your skills! Fit the jigsaw pieces properly to reveal a picture and help the cute animals finish their meal. Each animal has a different number of pieces, so be careful! Try to complete the puzzle as fast as possible and challenge your friends to see who can finish the game.

    Everyone loves food! Even animals! But what about if you have to solve a puzzle with your favourite animal in it. Will you still love it? That’s the challenge with the new online game Dop 2, Delete One Part. It’s so much fun and we can guarantee that you will love it! So let’s get started!

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