Our word jigsaw puzzles are so much more than just a bunch of pictures. They’re a whole world of fun and learning, where your child can explore and discover...

About Dingbats

Our word jigsaw puzzles are so much more than just a bunch of pictures. They’re a whole world of fun and learning, where your child can explore and discover at his own pace. Word Jigsaw puzzle games are an excellent way for kids to learn new words and build their vocabulary. This is because they have to use the same word several different times in different settings in order to solve the puzzle. Kids will have fun learning new things and discovering hidden images that form part of the word’s definition or spelling. These games are also a great way to encourage kids to spend time reading and gain familiarity with their favorite topics. Our collection includes Word Jigsaw puzzles from some of the best publishers around, including Ravensburger and EnjoyPuzzles. Each one offers challenging puzzles that are sure to keep you coming back again and again until you finally complete the game.

In this game your objective is to get all of the blue dots. You can do this by creating lines that have at least two blue dots on them. The lines that you create will connect with other lines and create complete circles. You can only create line if there are two or more blues connected to the same space. To play this game, you need to use your logical thinking skills as well as finger dexterity. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. There are different levels which makes it challenging to stay longer in the game. But don’t worry, there are five different themes available for the same game so you’re not limited by one particular look for your Dot Dots

Do you have a young kid who loves to draw and paint? Or maybe a little bit of both? Well then, this game is just for you! Paint Dot is an all-in-one drawing app with lots of drawing features and a tempting word game in it. Let the kid inside you come out and express yourself through the various drawing tools embedded in this app. Let s see how many letters can you spell before the timer runs out! Paint Dot comes packed with fun activities for kids of all ages. From painting pictures to playing games, there’s something for everyone. So if you want to keep your little one busy for hours on end, we have just the game for you.

What is it? It is a simple game which requires the player to guess the word hidden in the jigsaw puzzle image. The number of pieces in the puzzle determines the difficulty level. The more pieces there are, the harder it will be to find that singular word. There are different types of Jigsaw puzzles available for kids of different age groups and interests. In this article we have compiled 5 Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids to keep your kid engaged and build their hand-eye

Have you ever tried to find a particular word or letter in an alphabet of 2675 letters? Now try this game and see if you can find the same word in different fonts! Let’s get started with some basic rules and get high score.

How to play Dingbats

Using Mouse

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