Constellation Energy Lines

    Astute readers will have noticed that I have been a bit silent on the blog, as I have been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes developing exciting new games for you. The first of these will be released early next week and is called Constellation Lines: Astute Readers! This game has been developed by our team in-house which means it is a completely bespoke and original experience. And it’s bloody DOPE! In Constellation Lines: Astute Readers you are tasked with managing your company’s growth by ensuring its new pipeline of energy lines can be built at the right locations throughout the country. In order to do this you must plan your strategy wisely, build your lines and watch them grow. But be aware – there are opposition companies who wish to hinder your progress at all costs…

    After the oil boom in the United States, oil companies became extremely profitable. To take advantage of this, large oil companies started to merge. One of the first large mergers was The Great Gulf Oil Company. Soon after, some smaller companies realized that if they joined forces, they would have a much greater impact on the industry. This is how The Seven Circle Merger took place and led to Constellation Energy Lines' creation. The complexity of today's business world has made it difficult for small players to compete while maintaining profitability. However, individual knowledge and drive can still lead to success even when everything is against you. In other words, if you are smart enough, anything is possible for you.

    This is a game for new logic puzzle fans and veterans. The goal of the game is to connect the dots. You have a board filled with dots at random positions, some connected and some not. Your job is to draw lines between the dots that make them connected so that no dot remains unconnected. Start Connecting Dots Now! FEATURES - More than 200 levels of challenging puzzles, with more coming soon. - Different themes every day: different pictures, different it’s always changing! - Special themed challenges every week: a new challenge to keep you challenged! - Leaderboards and Achievements so you can compete against your friends and families.

    A new wonderful puzzle game is here! The Constellations are back and in a big way! We have created the most immersive, colorful and spectacular mobile experience we could imagine. You will be blown away by the amazing visuals and incredible soundscape that really brings home the stars. These are not your ordinary star puzzles you’ve seen before. These are constellation puzzles that challenge your brain instead of just your eyes. Take on these puzzles for only a few minutes a day to keep your brain sharp, but also to keep your sanity!

    Today is a day which you must not forget as it is your first day in the new job. Your new company needs some fresh blood, so they are going to give you a small task as a trial and prepare you for the real duties that await you once you join them. Today is the first day of your new job. You are going to be working alongside with three other colleagues from different departments. Together, you will make sure that this company runs well, and reaches its purpose of becoming one of the best version.

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