Arkadium's Codeword

    The codewords we use to communicate inside a game can change the feel of a game in subtle ways, like when you have to talk over the intercom and not shout. Or when your teammates can’t see into enemy territory because they’re looking at your shoulder instead of directly at you. Or when every action you take within that world has an impact on the course of events outside it. Codewords are words or phrases that have special meaning within a game; some are obvious, such as “go left” and “die” – but others are much more

    A codeword is a word that hides something important. A game word is a secret word that gives you an advantage in playing the game. These words are usually hidden on the board or in a written text. Finding the right codeword can let you know what kind of game it is and what kind of clues there are to find. There are many Codewords games out there, but these eight Codewords games are some of our

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