Alchemy is a simple and addictive puzzle game that will challenge your logical thinking and test your puzzle solving skills. The game is very simple to play, with an easy tutorial to get you started. You must transmute different colored vials of alchemical liquids into gold by mixing them together one correct step at a time. There are a variety of obstacles which serve as the challenges for you to overcome in order to achieve the end goal. Each level has a set amount of moves (or clicks) that you may use in order to progress through the game; however, each level also has specific requirements that must be met in order for you to advance. 

    A world of magic, dragons, and alchemy awaits! Start your epic adventure with alchemist protagonist and his pet dragon in a fantasy the way, you have to find gold coins that are hidden somewhere. Be attentive, explore all locations and use your skills to collect as many coins as possible. You need to combine different elements like Fire, Water and Earth to craft new items or complete quests. Discover new potions and combinations to get further levels. Can you beat every level? Explore this fantasy world by playing these This amazing game games! These simple but addictive games will make you love alchemy even more! Best of all, they’re all completely free so what are you waiting for? 

    Let the alchemy games begin! This amazing game : The Search for Black knowledge is an addictive game with a challenging and rewarding puzzle gameplay. It combines simple rules with complex puzzles and unlockable content. You will become obsessed with this game very quickly, trust me. ;) If you like playing puzzle games or brain-teasers, then you’re going to LOVE this brand new release from the makers of hit games like Burrito Bison, Zombocalypse, and Awesome Aliens. This addicting, mind-bending game will put your wits to the test as you try to solve each increasingly challenging level. 

    This one is a new and exciting puzzle game for you to challenge yourself. In this game, you will need to combine different ingredients and objects in order to create tons of useful items that will help your character progress further in the game. It’s pretty much a clicker game with alchemy elements but it has a lot more to it than that. You need to combine objects and ingredients in the right way so you can get the desired result. Let’s see how well you handle puzzling challenges and put your brain to good use! Good luck to you!

    The old game of Alchemy comes to life in this classic puzzle game! Explore the magical world and solve tricky riddles. Combine different ingredients to make new items and advance your alchemy skills. Discover ancient secrets and master exciting challenges. 

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